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Skid Fabrication


Steel Manufacturing and Fabricated Components

IMG_3852As a complete manufacturing business, we are able to build virtually any steel structure from pipe and steel sheets. Some of the items we construct at our plant include:

  • meter provers or metering and proving systems
  • steel tanks and holding modules
  • steel process and pressure piping
  • custom steel shipping and transport skids
  • pressure vessels
  • separators and manifolds
  • dehydration equipment
  • flares
  • perforated steel baskets
  • line heaters
  • hoppers and silos
  • doghouses or tool rooms
  • steel bins
  • mud tanks
  • strainers
  • process piping spools
  • towers
  • skidded piping units
  • P-bottles
  • Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Grease Plants
  • Y-Branches
  • Amine Units
  • Launchers; recievers
  • meter Tubes
  • pneumatic rig tanks
  • Custom Skids
  • equipment Skids
  • module skids
  • oilfield Skids
  • scrubbers