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PWC Industries is a full service carbon and stainless steel fabrication shop using the latest in technology and equipment to perform all conceivable steel manufacturing processes. Our steel fabrication equipment and capabilities include:

Plate rolls
This heavy duty piece of metal fabrication equipment will create custom cylinders from steel sheets of up to 10 feet wide and 5/8″ thick. The plate rolls will fabricate both half round sheets or complete cylinders.

Press brake
Our 400 ton x 10′ wide press brake allows us to create crimped steel sheets that will perform bending in virtually any shape.

Shearing machine
Our plate shear is unique in that it can cut ¾” plate by 10’ wide and is adjustable to accommodate lighter sheet metal.

Automated welding machine
This piece of equipment is a high precision method of welding pipe for high quality, high strength welds. The automated welding machine, a computerized product, uses robotics technology that turns pipe while the stationary welding component creates beautiful welds in a fraction of the time a human welder can perform the same task. With repair ratios at negligible levels, human error is removed for the most exacting standards and safety considerations.

PWC Industries can saw virtually any shape for sheets of with dimensions between 12″ and 36″.

Steel sheet, pipe, and beam drilling can be performed on steel up to 3″ thick.

Steel sheet punching allows us to create holes or irregular shapes within sheets of up to 1 1/2″ in diameter and 1″ thick in carbon steel.

Other services
Non destructive testing, sandblasting, painting, electrical, and insulation all sub-contracted out to our top-notch vendors.