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Pressure Vessel

Pressure vessels are available in multiple configurations whether for high or low pressure, cooling or heating, or secondary confinement, in carbon steel or stainless steel.

Pressure Vessel Types

Air receiving tanks, petroleum transport tanks, gas containment tanks, or vacuum systems are four types of tanks that PWC Industries builds to the highest quality standards. Pressure vessels have several general uses where safety, high pressure, or stressful conditions exist.

PWC Industries serves the environmental, chemical, petroleum and refining industries as well as many others where guidance, design, engineering, and final fabrication of all pressure vessels is needed.

Pressure Vessel Design Considerations

Our pressure vessel design team will assist you in fabricating a system to your requirements. Considerations such as temperature, pressure, and service type dictate the steel pressure vessel manufacture.

High-pressure vessels are available in the following configurations:

  • Thin walled pressure vessels – generally, wall thickness is less than 3/4″ thick
  • Thick walled pressure vessels- wall thickness over 1 – 2″
  • Single walled pressure vessels- utilizes a single steel jacket
  • Double walled or jacketed pressure vessels- design consists of a steel pressure vessel contained within a second steel vessel used for secondary confinement. Often used where containment is a priority, or to aid in cooling or heating pressure vessel contents.

ASME pressure vessel fabrication begins with engineering and design, proceeds to the steel fabrication plant for expert welding and manufacturing, through pressure vessel testing, inspection, and quality control, and onto pressure vessel component assembly. At each step of the pressure vessel fabrication process, PWC Industries applies rigid testing to ensure that your high-pressure vessel adheres to the highest safety standards and quality.

Environmental, Energy, and Solar Pressure Vessels

A growing field for PWC Industries’ pressure vessel manufacturing is geared towards the environmental and energy fields. Our pressure vessel manufacturing experience lends itself well to helping design prototypes for solar or energy use. Please discuss your ideas with a team that is second to none in quality commitment.

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