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  • Custom Fabrication

    Custom Fabrication

    We like to say, if its fabricated from metal whether its a complex system, test stand, oilfield tools, or cotton...

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  • Launchers and Receivers (Pig traps)

    Launchers and Receivers (Pig traps)

    Pig launchers are essentially vessels used for launching of a pipe pig or a pig tool into the pipeline for...

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  • Steel Skids

    Steel Skids

    Having fabricated thousands of skids over the past thirty five years, we have the expertize to fabricate your skid to...

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  • Oil Field Equipment

    Oil Field Equipment

    We have fabricated all types of oil field equipment such as oil and gas separators, production gas units, heater treaters,...

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  • Pressure Vessel

    Pressure Vessel

    Pressure vessels are available in multiple configurations whether for high or low pressure, cooling or heating, or secondary confinement, in...

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  • Meter & Prover Systems

    Meter & Prover Systems

    For exacting measurement, PWC Industries builds complex liquid and gas metering and proving (meter & provers) systems for the petroleum,...

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