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Portfolio Category: Products

Launchers and Receivers (Pig traps)

Pig launchers are essentially vessels used for launching of a pipe pig or a pig tool into the pipeline for cleaning or inspection purpose. After being launched into the pipeline, the pig tool is pushed through the pipeline by a driving fluid. The pipeline is cleaned along the way by brushing action from the pig....
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Steel Skids

Having fabricated thousands of skids over the past thirty five years, we have the expertize to fabricate your skid to exact specifications with the tightest of tolerances. These skid assemblies are fabricated to AWS D1.1 and/or customers specifications. IMG_3852Read more

Oil Field Equipment

We have fabricated all types of oil field equipment such as oil and gas separators, production gas units, heater treaters, flowback equipment, open and closed top tanks, dog houses, suitcases, pipe racks and pneumatic rig tanks. oilfield tankRead more